Readers are Achievers

We specialise in improving reading ability, speed and comprehension.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort has two reading centres in Hartbeespoort. 

Our goal is to help your child reach his full potential through the help of our qualified and dedicated therapists.

We equip students with a much better reading ability. Students attend a session once a week for 90 minutes.

At the Hartbeespoort Reading Centres, children and adults from all backgrounds, with and without learning disabilities, are assisted to improve their reading abilities, speed, comprehension and so much more.

“2.4 Million scholars have reading problems and the average first year student at a tertiary institute has the reading ability of a grade 6 scholar, according to Professor Deon Visser, of the University of the Freestate. About one in five people struggle to acquire the reading skills most of us take for granted.”

Who will benefit from our program

  • Pre-school children
  • Achievers who want to improve their reading speed and comprehension
  • Underachievers not yet reaching their full potential
  • Children diagnosed with dyslexia
  • Children with low self-esteem
  • Struggling readers

Our aim at Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

  • Develop good readers from Grade R to Grade 12 and beyond
  • Improve the reading speed of students that habitually read slowly
  • Help students who tend to be dyslexic
  • Improve listening skills and comprehension
  • Continuously assess the progress of a student
  • Ensure comprehensive facilitator training to ensure professional support to each student.

Online Reading

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort Reading Centre now offers online reading as well.

Don’t let your child to fall behind in terms of their reading during these very uncertain times, especially our little ones (first time readers).

Our online reading therapy allows the child to work independently improving their reading abilities weekly.

The online reading programme consists of 10 sessions at a fee of R 800.00

The online therapy can be also be done in conjunction with once a week reading therapy at the centre itself, especially for the little ones.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Trudie 079 1997 781

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort


A learning problem IS a reading problem and we can help.

“We understand that a learning problem is a reading problem. Some of these issues are related to Phonological processing, letter recognition, deciphering the alphabet, speech and language problems. These are some of the issues we address at our Reading Centres”

Why we are the best

Does your child have a learning disability?

The Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort reading centre do a scientific test of your child’s reading. We then know how to best address the problem.  We work systematically thus ensure that all microsystems work together as a macro system. We also take all students’ brain profiles into consideration to make sure how they they learn is used in the program.

We refer problems outside our field to occupational and speech therapists as well as psychologists.

We address all the basic skills of reading for all ages but have a special interest in our early readers.



From Parents & Learners 

“Josh thoroughly enjoys his lessons at the centre which is always a plus! His reading speed and ability to read for longer without getting tired is better.  Training weak eyes as he enters high school was essential for us and it’s been achieved. “


Ek hou baie van die sweets wat ons by die lees kry, maar Tannie Trudie het ‘n “magic” pen waarvan ek die meeste hou! Ek hou ook van die rekenaars en om met die khoki op die witbord te teken. Ek word slim


6 years old

“Our 2 boys always look forward to class with Trudie and Naomi. They have learnt so much and have developed a special love for reading. “

Ryan & Tracy

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

“I like reading because we have fun. Also because we have sweets and also we read alot.  Also because Teacher is very nice.  Reading is nice because I get to work with my friends.  I like to read very very much. Reading is FUN! “


Grade 2 - (7 years old)


Wellness Corporate Park
(village mall side)


R 512 , portion 34, de Rust.
(Behind Aviators Restaurant)

Phone & Email

Trudie: 079 199 7781
Theresa: 076 374 1084