how we can help

Additional Support

Our students sometimes need additional support.


Brain profiling

Understanding how your child learns, how they process information and instructions, helps us teach them more effectively.  With a full report, it also assists you and their teachers.

We do brain profiling to determine brain dominance and learning preferences. We use the Kobus Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI).

How it helps

The Learning Style Brain Profile Test helps children to determine their learning style which:

  • improves memory retention
  • improves reading speed
  • helps children approach study work with more confidence
  • helps children prepare for the exams according to their preferred learning style
Other brain profile tests

Other brain profile tests include:

  • Brain profiles for families and parenting-styles
  • Brain profiles for sports teams
  • Brain profiles for career decisions
  • Brain profiles for businesses

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  • How to study
  • How to answer questions
  • How to summarise
  • How to plan ahead


  • Leer hoe om opsommings te maak.
  • Leer hoe om inligting in jou langtermyn geheue te stoor.
  • Breinprofiel vir elke leerling om brein dominansie te bepaal.

WAAR:  Schoemies Leessentrum – Corporate Wellness Park


  • Donderdag 14 Julie. Vrydag 15 Julie en Saterdag 16 Julie

Koste:  R1200 per leerling.
Inskrywings sluit Maandag 28 Februarie 2022

Trudie: (079) 199 7781

Tina Cowley Vitamins

Omega 3 Oil for :

  • Brain development
  • Less depression
  • Higher intelligence
  • Healthier heart

Food Supplements

Food Supplement for :

  • Restlessness
  • Nervousness
  • Hyperactivity

Colour lens spectacles

Our colour lens overlays are imported from England and offer enormous help to some readers.

We find the students who need it are those who:

  • find reading uncomfortable
  • experience blurred texts
  • experience moving or flickering letters or lines
  • experience shadowy outlines
  • experience migraines when reading
  • have been diagnosed with dyslexia or multiple sclerosis
  • have been diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome / Irlen Syndrome

Our lenses are the exact same quality as those you would normally buy for R6000 from an optometrist as a fraction of the cost.