Brain Profiling

Categories of profiles:

  • Young children (4-10 years)
  • Students (10-15 years)
  • Senior students (16+ years)
  • General adults
  • Parenting Profile

It is important that you as a parent and teacher should understand your thinking preferences and those of your child.

Your thinking preferences will determine, amongst other things, how you make decisions, communicate and educate. Insight into your own and your child’s thinking preferences will lead to better understanding of the differences between you and consequently to tolerance and greater co-operation within the family.

The NBI Student profile identifies the thinking preferences of the individual. Gaining insight into the way we prefer to think and act. This makes us more aware of and sensitive to the preferences of others. Please note that the NBI Student Profile measures thinking preferences, and not the skills or abilities necessary to execute those preferences.

It is important to understand that this profile indicates a child’s PREFERENCES. In other words, it is what the child likes and not necessarily how he acts.