Laughter Therapy

Every reading session is ended with laughter therapy. It is presented as exercise, but it soon develops into unconditional laughter.

The brain cannot distinguish between laughter as exercise and involuntary laughter, thus the physiological benefits are the same. Laughter therapy causes positive changes in the body, brain and emotions.

The benefits of laughter therapy:

Laughter diminishes stress-related hormones and peptide levels.

  • Endorphins (feel good hormones) are released that leads to a more positive attitude and improved self – confidence.
  • Immunoglobulin levels are raised, which the body needs to combat infections.
  • A laughing session of just one minute is equivalent to ten minutes of strenuous exercise at a gym in terms of sending oxygen through the body.


  • Improved circulation enables the body to detoxify and function optimally.
  • Laughter therapy improves the development of social skills and emotional intelligence in children.

Laughing keeps us all young at heart!