Grade 1 – 3

At the Tina Cowley Reading Centre Hartbeespoort Dam the first step is to do an evaluation of the child to determine his/her current basic reading skills and reading abilities are.

Basic reading skills include:

Form perception
the shape of a letter or a word.

Spatial relations
a child’s ability to transfer information from the whiteboard to a book or from one book to another.

ability to put things in order, very important for spelling.

Auditory processing
ability to hear, memorise and execute. Nothing to do with listening.

These are the building blocks of reading and should all be in place in order to be an independent, confident reader.

Reading abilities evaluation determines the child’s current level of reading, reading speed and comprehension.

Based on the outcome of the evaluations the child starts on a reading level, comfortable for him/her. This is done in order to combat any anxiety or stress related to reading and to be able to build confidence.

Each reading level has an international reading speed which we work towards.

For instance, at the end of grade 1, a child should be able to read 80 wpm with 100% comprehension,  at the end of Grade 2,  125 wpm with 100% comprehension.

The children spend 45 minutes in the computer room, on the specially patented Tina Cowley computers and keyboards. Here focus is placed on spelling, vocabulary, reading speed, comprehension and perceptual skills.

Classical music (baroch) is played in the background in order to create a calm, nurturing environment which combats anxiety and any stress related to reading. We aim at creating a love for reading!

The other 45 minutes are spent in the fun filled memory room. Here focus is placed on the basic reading skills (auditory processing, sequencing, form perception, spatial relations) as well as eye kinetics, brain gym, handle and memory exercises.

Eye kinetics:
a series of eye exercises which is used in order to strengthen the eye muscles. Like any other muscle in the body, the eye muscles can also be strengthened through exercise. This leads to smooth eye movement which is very important when reading.

Brain gym exercises:
these are a series of small body movements used to integrate all parts of the brain in order to enhance learning.

Handle exercises:
these exercises strengthen the underlying microsystems in order to make the bodywork optimally as a unit or macro system. Human functioning is of ecosystemic nature, in other words, all systems in the bodywork together as a whole and form a unit. Through exercise, the weaker microsystems are strengthened and therefore the functioning of the child will benefit because of this.

Every reading session is ended with laughter therapy. It is presented as exercise but it soon develops into unconditional laughter.

At Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort dam we believe that by the end of Grade 3 a child should be a strong, confident reader and ready for whatever Grade 4 throws their way.

At the reading centre we also offer brain profiling for children. Parenting profiles can also be done in order to see how you and your child’s profile compare.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort


We teach preschoolers to read by focusing on the basic reading skills. Having these in place ensures for an independent, confident reader.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

Grade 1 - 3

It all starts with building a love for reading.  The foundations are put in place in a fun and playful way.  Awareness of challenges in the early years ensures your child has a road map to becoming an independent, confident reader.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

Grade 4 - 7

Is your child struggling with reading? We will help them to become confident, strong readers as well as take children that are already good readers to another level in terms of speed and comprehension.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

Grade 8 +

High school is a time when speed and comprehension become a skill that makes or breaks a student.  It's also preperation for university and the enormous amount of reading they will need to do. Coming soon...