Learning to read

Preschool – Ticket programme

Ensure the successful development of your child by giving them a head start in learning to read.

Our learn to read programme focuses on the child; equipping them with the most essential academic tool of all: READING! 

At Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort we take children as young as 4 ½ years of age and teach them to read.

The process starts by focusing on the basic reading skills of the child. These should all be in place in order to become an independent, confident reader later on.

Basic reading skills focus areas

Spatial relations  - a child’s ability to transfer information from the whiteboard to a book or from one book to another.

Form perception - the shape of a letter or word.

Sequencing - ability to put things in order, very important for spelling later on.

Auditory processing - ability to hear, nothing to do with listening.

This all happens in the fun-filled Memory Room in which they spend 45 minutes of the 1 and a half hour session.

Laughter therapy

Every reading session is ended with laughter therapy. It is presented as exercise, but it soon develops into unconditional laughter.

Benefits of laughter therapy

  • Laughter diminishes stress-related hormones and peptide levels.
  • Endorphins (feel-good hormones) are released that leads to a more positive attitude and improved self - confidence.
  • Immunoglobulin levels are raised, which the body needs to combat infections.
  • A laughing session of just one minute is equivalent to ten minutes of strenuous exercise at a gym in terms of sending oxygen through the body.
  • Improved circulation enables the body to detoxify and function optimally.
  • Laughter therapy improves the development of social skills and emotional intelligence in children.

Laughing keeps us all young at heart!


learn to read

Optimal reading ensures optimal learning!

learn to read
learn to read
learn to read

Let’s get your child started!

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What about your older children?

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort


We teach preschoolers to read by focusing on the basic reading skills. Having these in place ensures for an independent, confident reader.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

Grade 1 - 3

It all starts with building a love for reading.  The foundations are put in place in a fun and playful way.  Awareness of challenges in the early years ensures your child has a road map to becoming an independent, confident reader.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

Grade 4 - 7

Is your child struggling with reading? We will help them to become confident, strong readers as well as take children that are already good readers to another level in terms of speed and comprehension.

Tina Cowley Hartbeespoort

Grade 8 +

High school is a time when speed and comprehension become a skill that makes or breaks a student.  It's also preperation for university and the enormous amount of reading they will need to do. Coming soon...