Good day all Tina Cowley Reading Centre clients,

I hope you are all into the swing of things…….I am especially happy for the Government school learners who have at last gone back to school. They were all telling me very excitedly about their new teachers.

A bit of information I would like to share with you:

A recent study shows that South Africa is facing a reading crisis.

South Africa came in last out of 50 countries in the “Progress in International Reading Literacy” study in 2016, where the reading ability and comprehension of students in their 4 th year of Primary School were tested.

The study found that 78% of students of this age were not able to read properly and comprehend what they were reading.

What the children faced last year only worsened this crisis, especially Gr0 – Gr3 learners.


It therefore makes me very happy to know that there are parents out there facing the problem head on. Thank you for that, and sharing in my passion for reading.


We have had fantastic improvements and results over the last month, I would like to congratulate the following children:

Lennox, one of our Grade 1 students, received a certificate for finishing the Ticket programme which consisted of phonics and being able to blend sounds together. 💯 He is now ready to start reading stories, doing spelling and comprehension.

Gerrie finished his ticket program today in record time of 3 weeks. Now he starts reading stories, spelling words, understanding tests and more.

Lome was recognised for remarkable improvement in her reading, spelling and comprehension.

Preston is in grade 4 and received a certificate for reaching the international reading speed of 138 words per minute!

Liviya received a certificate for Best progress this week.

“What makes you DIFFERENT is what makes you BEAUTIFUL!”


I will be starting to evaluate the children at the end of February. For the children who have only joined recently, doing the evaluation with the other learners is still a great learning curve.

Formal evaluations take place every 9 weeks, but please know that the learners are being evaluated and kept track of every session they attend.

Please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions.

Reading regards

Reading Therapist
Tina Cowley Reading Centre
The Coves.