Good day everybody, I hope you are all happy and healthy.

Covid News

As you all know by now, my husband tested positive for covid therefore I had to close the Reading Centre for the duration of our isolation.

My girls and myself are doing fine and my husband is recovering well.
The Reading Centre will be open again from Monday 28 June.

I will try my best to arrange for catch up classes, I will contact you personally or on the WhatsApp groups in order to arrange for this.

I will be going for a covid test over the weekend in order to make sure I am healthy to continue with classes.


Covid rules in the centre

We are following all Covid guidelines to keep your children safe from Covid.  Sterilising of hands, masks, social distancing and no sharing of desks or equipment is followed.  Please enforce this with your children that masks must be worn properly at all times.  I know it’s hard for the little ones but we need to keep everyone safe.

Reading Reports received

Most of the children received their reading reports, it always gives me great pleasure to be compiling these as the results are always good. The Wednesday and Thursday classes will receive theirs next week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions with regards to their progress.

OUR GOAL! – International Reading Speed

In the reading reports I refer to the International Reading Speed we are working towards, this is not an unachievable or unfair benchmark. This is a reading speed, if achieved, which will ensure that children are able to keep up with the demands of school and their Tertiary Education.

In terms of the Grade 0/R, our first goal is to teach them their phonetics, teach them to be able to blend and then get them up to 39 wpm

I have compiled a list of the International Reading Speed which we aspire to achieve for each grade:

End of:

Gr 1                  80 wpm
Gr 2                  115 wpm
Gr 3                  138 wpm
Gr 4                  158 wpm
Gr 5                  173 wpm
Gr 6                  185 wpm

End of:

Gr 7                  195 wpm
Gr 8                  204 wpm
Gr 9                  214 wpm
Gr 10                224 wpm
Gr 11                237 wpm
Gr 12                250 wpm
Advanced         400 wpm

These numbers might seem high but I do have children in Grade 6 reading at 214 wpm.


Congratulations to Tyller in Grade 6 who achieved the International Reading speed of 185 wpm for a grade 6 learner. Well done Tyller, this is really something to be proud of.

Books to read at home

I often get asked by parents what books to buy for their children to read at home.

My answer is to allow the child to choose their own book. It really does not matter whether it is a comic book, a poetry book, a cook book, a magazine or a story book, as long as they choose it themselves and get into the habit of reading a little bit every day……….

The most important thing is to not make it a chore but something to be enjoyed.


I wanted to share something with all of you that I read over the weekend.

It is a book called “Thrivers” by Michele Borba. If you could get your hands on this book it is really worth reading. For all parents, whether you have a Gr 2 or teenagers in your home at the moment.

The common thread of the book is teaching children resilience. The definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, ie toughness.

According to the author this is the most precious gift, other than unconditional love you can give your children. We all know that our children is growing up in a very different world to which we did and therefore I wanted to share this with you as I am also invested in the future of all the children at the reading centre.

Thank you to Teacher Tasz

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank teacher Tasz for all the positivity, good vibes and energy she brings to the reading centre.

Tasz owned a play ball franchise for 11 years, specializing in early child physical development, she also worked extensively with young adolescents focusing on emotional behavior progression in teenagers. Tasz also ran holiday camps for kids between 8 and 18. I am really blessed to have her as part of my team.

Another Tina Cowley Reading Centre

I am opening another Tina Cowley Reading Centre at the Wellness Corporate Park in Schoemansville.

Mrs Lani Fikkert will be the Reading Therapist at that Centre. Lani has her 4 year BPrimEd teaching degree and has been teaching for 19 years!

We will be opening in September 2021!

The parents that have been traveling far to come to the Coves Centre will now have the option of joining that one. I will keep you updated.

Also remember to keep an eye on our Instagram and facebook page for everything happening at the Reading Centre


Trudie, Tasz en Lani