Good day everybody, I hope you are all well, I have really missed the children over the past few weeks.

Online Classes:

Many of the children joined the online classes and we had a lot of fun video calling whilst doing the online programme.

This is a very good alternative to use in the future when children are sick or perhaps missed a class.

Die sentrum maak weer oop:

Die leessentrum maak weer oop vanaf Maandag die 26ste Julie.

Die wat nog onseker is oor die persoonlike klasse is welkom om aan te gaan met die aanlyn-program.

New Reading Centre in Schoemies:

I am opening another Tina Cowley Reading Centre across the dam at the Wellness Corporate Centre.

If you are interested in joining those classes rather than the ones in the Coves please let me know, as I know some of the parents drive far to join our classes here.

An interesting fact about reading:

Reading for just 6 minutes a day reduces stress by 68%.


Trudie, Tasz en Lani