We are nearing the end of a fantastic term.

The children work so hard during every session, they challenge themselves to become better readers. 


A huge congratulations to Zoè Webster who received 75% for her Afrikaans this term. Afrikaans is Zoe’s 2nd language and she never misses a lesson. Her hard work is paying off.  

We are so proud of you Zoè!!!!

Keeping up:

The fast pace with which schools move these days, often leaves children feeling overwhelmed when they cannot keep up.

At the Reading Centre we help the children in a fun way to be able to cope with the stresses of school work and performing.

I often tell moms that one of my goals with the younger children is to get them to be able to work independently by the time they reach Grade 4. They must be able to sit in their rooms and do their homework by themselves and later on be able to study independently. These are the tools we are giving them at the reading centre.

Life lesson moments

My motto in class is  “we do not mind mistakes as this is how we learn best”

I also continuously tell the children that there is absolutely no reason why all children can’t be strong, confident readers. They must believe in themselves!!!

Another very important thing I teach the children, especially from Grade 4 onwards, is to not get anxious when there is a question to be answered.  We teach them to breathe and read through the question slowly, making sure you really understand what is being asked. This applies to all subjects.

Preschool classes:

I am happy to announce that we started with the Preschool classes this month, our youngest learner is 4 years old. It is so fulfilling to see how quickly they learn and the eagerness they show to start reading.


With the upcoming holidays please inspire the children to keep on reading, even if it is a cookbook or their favorite magazine.

5 – 10 Minutes a day is all we need, even if its bedtime reading with parents.

Please keep an eye on my facebook page as I often post recommended books.

Afrikaanse Voorskoolse leesklas.


The Reading Centre will be closed the week of the 26th of April but will re-open on Monday the 3rd of May.

Happy Holidays from everybody at Tina Cowley Reading Centre

Trudie and Tasz